On September 1st an on-line project management meeting was initiated by the Yerevan State Medical University: the Coordinator of the DPPHSS Project. Due to the global situation caused by the Covid-19, the trainings and meetings planned within the Project had been postponed.

For discussing the further activities within the Project and planning their implementation in the pandemic situation, the on-line project management meeting was held. All representatives of the Partner universities responsible for the project coordination attended the meeting.

The main topics of the discussion were related to:

  1. the development of the new PhD programs in the beneficiary universities,
  2. students recruitment for the new PhD programs,
  3. further activities related to the trainings and visits to the partner universities,
  4. the budget of the Project.

Based on the results of the discussion the participants developed the following plan for the further activities:

  1. applying to the proper organization for extending the duration of the Project for a year, because the pandemic situation caused serious delays in the implementation of the Project’s activities,
  2. to keep the Project’s budget’s implementation according to the defined criteria,
  3. to continue the establishment of the PhD programs in the beneficiary universities,
  4. periodically have on-line management meetings for ensuring the further successful implementation of the Project and proper activities.