Work package Meaning Responsible Partner
WP1 Preparation Slovak Medical University in Bratislava
WP2 Development Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia
WP3 Quality Control and Monitoring Babes-Bolyayi University, Romania
WP4 Dissemination Tbilisi State University, Georgia
WP5 Management Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia

DPPHSS includes a total of 25 deliverables in the form of reports, descriptions, meetings, conferences, learning online resources, staff trainings, physical resource centre and project website.

The deliverables included in WP1 are:

  • 1 kick-off meeting,
  • 2 the two status quo reports on PhD Education in Public Health and Social Sciences in Partner countries,
  • 3 the catalogue of needs for the future PhD programmes.

WP2 includes:

  • 1 general structure of the course,
  • 2 course contents,
  • 3 learning online resources,
  • 4 passport and code of speciality,
  • 5 the four staff trainings,
  • 6 physical resource centre.

WP3 consists of the following deliverables:

  • 1 the three annual quality assurance reports,
  • 2 mid-term evaluation report,
  • 3 final evaluation report.

WP4 includes:

  • 1 project website,
  • 2 dissemination through other websites, media, posters and publications, events,
  • 3 national and regional workshops and conferences, project final conference,
  • 4 call for PhD students as a pilot program and info events,
  • 5 the pilot course.

WP5 includes :

  • 1 reports and meetings as part of continuous management,
  • 2 the final report.