As part of monitoring Erasmus + activities, a monitoring visit of the CBHE “DPPHSS” project took place in Georgia on 7th of November, 2019. Coordinator of the Erasmus + Office in Tbilisi carried out the visit. She met with the project representatives from partner universities in Georgia and discussed the project implementation from the perspective of the institutions involved.

The monitoring confirmed the relevance of the DPPHSS project in the local context, in particular for what concerns the integration of social services component in the public health study programmes. The monitors noted the competences of the Georgian team to carry out the activities and achieve the objectives and the institutional support of both Georgian partner universities.

The results of the monitoring have confirmed that the work plan is being implemented according to the initial plan and given time frame. No significant problems or delays have been revealed.

Now the Georgian partners have undertaken the proper activities for implementing the recommendations that have been proposed within the preventative monitoring visit.