The main goal of the Doctoral Programmes in Public Health and Social Sciences”  project  (afterwards: Project) considers establishing new PhD programs in public health and social work education systems in partner countries. For that purpose meetings with stakeholders were organized in Armenia during the period from September to November, 2019.

First the Project’s consortium member universities of Armenia, which are Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) and Yerevan State University (YSU) held internal meetings with the staff members and administration of the universities.  The meetings were organized for presenting the Project and sharing needed information among the specialists of the proper fields and the administrative bodies which are responsible for establishing new educational programs in the universities. The goal of the meetings was also to initiate discussion on revealing the opinions of the university’s members on how should the doctoral program be structured and implemented (basic principles) and what code of specialties should be open for awarding doctoral degree in Social Work or/and in Public Health in Armenia.

After the meetings each partner university developed its own plan and initial structure for the PhD program and code of specialties.

After meetings within the universities, the discussion between the YSMU and the YSU representatives was organized. The main aim of the discussion was to make a joint decision on the structure of the PhD program in Public Health and Social Work and come to the general opinion on the code of specialties, which was necessary for awarding doctoral programs in any field.

The next step was a meeting of the YSMU and the YSU members with the head and representatives of the state body regulating doctoral education in Armenia.

The goal of the meeting was lobbing for having new code of specialties in the list of specializations accepted in Armenia.

The result of the meeting was initial agreement on creating new code of specialties and initiating the procedures of the new PhD program development in Public Health and Social Work education systems of Armenia.